Hello, and thanks for taking the time to view my portfolio. I’m a game developer based out of Brisbane, Australia and I’m looking for studio/contract work. I am happy to relocate if needed.

I’ve been working mostly on contract work since graduating from Griffith University with a bachelor of game design in 2013. In 2014 and 2015 I worked at Right Pedal Studios, developing one of their new titles and updating older ones. Since then I’ve done several contract projects, mostly mobile applications, but also a project on the HTC Vive. In 2017 I released an indie project with a small team called Gerrymander: Rig The Election, which I programmed, designed, and did the writing¬†for. It was a finalist for the Australian Game Developer Awards.

I’ve competed in many game jams over the years, some of my best work can be seen¬†here.

I am an excellent programmer and I know Unity inside and out. I am developing Unreal skills as well and will have some demos on this site shortly. I know C# very well and I know basic C++. I have excellent design skills too.

I am looking for studio work, or contract work, in the fields of programming, design, or writing. Until then I will be making indie games and filling out this portfolio as much as I can.

I have a diverse set of skills, as well as being a programmer and game designer, I also have writing and 2D art skills.

This skillet diversity will make me an excellent fit for smaller studios that need people to change rolls frequently, as well as being very useful when communicating across departments.

You may have noticed the extra long domain, that’s because this is a sub domain of the site where I used to post webcomics to. You can view a selection here.

I guarantee I will be a good fit for you studio if you give me the chance to prove it.