University Projects

These are some of the games I made while studying game design at Griffith university. They are mostly games made in only a few weeks when I was starting to learn game development.


Mac Vercion: Romancemacosx

WIndows Version: Romancewindows

Romance The Game was made in 2011 using processing. It is a puzzle-platformer that uses mechanics as metaphor to tell the story. I did the programming and art.


Linux: LaserPonyLinux

Mac: LaserPonyMac

Windows: LaserPonyWindows

Laser Pony was made in 2011 with processing. It’s an action game I guess, it’s pretty dumb. I did the programming and art.



Mac Version: AsteroidsMac

Windows Version: AsteroidWindows

Linux Version: AsteroidsLinux

This was an remake of asteroids made in processing in 2011. I did the programming and art.




Odin’s Vengeance was made in 2012 in Unity. I did the programming.



Mac Version: Link.macosx

Windows Version:

There’s even a Linux version: Link.linux

A game where you play as Epona from the Legend of Zelda. I did the programming and art.



Billy and the Dragon is an interactive story for children made in Adobe Flash.  I did the programming and art.