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Coal Control

Coal Control was made over the course of my final year at University. I worked with a small group for this project. All the coding in the game was done by me, as well as a large portion of the level design.

It was designed for mobile platforms.

PC version:

Mac version:

Android version:


Assorted University games

These are some of the games I made while studying game design at Griffith university.


Mac Vercion: Romancemacosx

WIndows Version: Romancewindows

I made this puzzle-platformer in 2011 using processing.


Linux: LaserPonyLinux

Mac: LaserPonyMac

Windows: LaserPonyWindows

Made in 2011 with processing.


This was made in processing in 2011.

It is based off of the classic arcade game “Asteroids.:

Mac Version: AsteroidsMac

Windows Version: AsteroidWindows

Linux Version: AsteroidsLinux


This game was made in Unity as the end of 2012.

It can be played with a keyboard, but a controller is recommend.

The art in this game was created by Sean Warton.



I made this in processing in 2011. You play as Epona from The Legend of Zelda.

WASD to move

Space to run (This depletes your carrots, carrots recharge over time)

Run up to a fence to jump over it.

Use your mini-map to find Link or Sheik, then follow Navi to the next destination.

Mac Version: Link.macosx

Windows Version:

There’s even a Linux version: Link.linux



Billy and the Dragon is an interactive story for children made in Adobe Flash.